EMREC's Personalized Game World

An Example of our Novel Therapy Game

EMREC will feature a personalized therapy game that the player can play at the end of each day and that will focus on the problems identified by EMREC.


The therapy game we made is an example of a possible interaction between the player and a computer controlled sprite. The goal of this game is to teach the child how to recognize sadness and respond appropriately. The main features of the therapy game are:

  • The player loses points for saying inappropriate responses and ending the conversation.

  • The player gets points for saying appropriate responses and keeping the conversation going.

  • As the player accumulates points, he/she can cash in points to play mini-games, where the player can just have fun. 


Troubleshooting for game download:

  1. Click the Adobe Flash Player icon.

  2. Allow Adobe Flash Player to run once on this site. 

  3. Make sure your Adobe Flash Player is installed and up to date. 

  4. Make sure you allowed Flash Player to run on this site

  5. Refresh the webpage.

  6. Access the game using the following link: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/211063179/

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